Ex. 3. Complete the sentences.

1. We are perfectly satisfied with (большая часть) of the goods, but we find some items unsatisfactory.

2. We have found a number of defects in workmanship, design and (отделка).

3. We have examined (содержимое) of the cases against your enclosed lists and invoices.

4. We must say that the delivery of so inferior a machine-tool (стал для нас) great surprise.

5. When you confirmed the order, you assured us of delivery (в течение достаточного времени) to conduct sales.

6. Our calculations show that an 8% discount from your bill will be (вполне достаточная компенсация).

7. We do not expect you to meet (нематериальные убытки).

8. The efficiency is much Ex. 3. Complete the sentences. lower than that stipulated in the contract and there are a number of defects (в качестве изготовления и контрукции).

9. The defects are so serious that we cannot (устранить) them ourselves.

10. We will appreciate it if you will (ускорите) delivery to our premises.

11. Please (решите данный вопрос) with your credit department.

12. We have to ask you to replace the machine-tool by a new one fully (соответствующей спецификаци) of the contract.

13. We therefore agreed (разрешить отгрузку станка) without inspection at your works.

14. (Основная часть) of the consignment (не подлежит продаже), and we await your instructions regarding their disposal.

Документ Ex. 3. Complete the sentences.